Legal and Victim's Assistance

Legal Assistance and Agencies:

Central Oregon Mediation for Deschutes County (Bend): 383-0187

Dept. of Justice - Support Enforcement (Bend): 388-6141 or 1-800-850-0028

Klamath County CASA: Court Appointed Special Advocate 541-885-6017

Klamath County Dist. Attorney: 541-883-5147

Klamath County Domestic Violence: 541-885-37

Klamath County Non-Support: 541-883-4265

Klamath County Support Enforcement: 541-883-4265

Human Dignity Coalition (Bend): 385-3320

Deschutes County Jail (Bend): 388-6661

Klamath County Jail (Klamath Falls): 541-883-4197

Juvenile Community Justice (Bend): 388-6671

Juvenile Office (Klamath Falls): 541-884-4167

Legal Aid (Bend): 385-6944

Oregon State Bar Assoc. (Salem), Legal Assistance
503-684-3763 or 1-800-452-7636

Parole and Probation (Adult), La Pine: 536-2216

Parole and Probation (Klamath County): 541- 880-5500

Consumer Credit Counseling Service
of Central Oregon (Bend): 389-6181 or 1-800-285-4605

Victim's Assistance:

CASA - Court Appointed Special Advocates for Children (Bend): 389-1618

Deshutes County Victim's Assistance (Bend): 388-65

Saving Grace (formerly COBRA) for victims of domestic violence (Bend): 389-7021

Klamath County Witness/Victim's Assistance: 541-
883-5115 or 541-883-5115

State of Oregon Attorney General's Website/Sex Offender Info

Free sex offender list by zip code:

Local, State and National Resources:

Organizations Helping Children of Incarcerated Parents and Resources for Grandparents/Relatives:

Link to 2-1-1 Central Oregon Website:

American Red Cross - Bend- Link:

Family and Misc. Resource Websites with Links:

Links to local, state and national websites offering assistance with human resources of all kinds.

(If you would like a human resource link listed here, please email me with your suggestions. Non-profits only in this section, please.)

ASPIRES: Website and Resource Link for Autism:

Assistance League of Bend Website Link:

Children's Trust Fund of Oregon Resource Links:

La Pine St.. Vincent de Paul Website Link:

Central Oregon Family Resource Center Link:

Deschutes Children's Foundation: La Pine Community Campus

Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities Link:

Disability Resources for the State of Oregon

Michigan State Library Grant Information Link:


Northwest Education Collaboration Link (nearly 100 links!)

State of Oregon: DHS

Oregon Council on Aging Website: